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V Canto is inspired by the most enchanting love story ever written, a love for the authentic deep roots and for the homeland. For over 700 years, in fact, the Terenzi family has lived near Gradara Castle, one of the most evocative in Italy. Even the Supreme Dante Alighieri chose to honour this magical place with a Chapter in his Divine Comedy, the one of Paolo and Francesca and their story carved by immortal verses. It is from these verses that our creations are born. The Blue Collection nestles poetry and medieval history made of passion and love, sins and virtues, vices and humanity. With the Red & Green Collection, the art of Paolo and Tiziana is enriched with new tales inspired by Lucrezia Borgia, inhabitant and superb queen of the Castle of V Canto. Finally, the Love Leaves Collection, with its design based on the ancient technique of gold and silver leaf, applied by hand to make each bottle a unique and inimitable creation. V Canto: love in all its shapes and facets, because with love everything is possible.

Tiziana Terenzi draws its inspiration from the endless research and desire of enclosing emotions through the evocative power of fire and life lived at its fullness. Anniversary, with the stylistic idea of absolute purity, without any artificial adjustment. Luna, along with dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds, nestled in precious glass ampoules, just like the chivalric epic teaches. Luna Star Attar, with its handmade crystal bottle, to contain a perfume nectar with a pleasant and velvety consistency like honey. Luna Star Extrait de Parfum, with the creative flair aiming at new wonderful peaks and designed to preserve refined extracts. Assoluto, with the dreamlike experience of knowledge and magic in the shape of exclusive drops limited to a selected few. Comets, with its floating in the sky and a design enclosing transparencies and color, along with precious golds and the most refined art of Italian jewelry. Each Tiziana Terenzi collection paints a scenario of light, splendor and tales.

Giardino Benessere is fully inspired by nature and psychophysical well-being. Unique creations, not bounded by traditional perfumery patterns and free from social and commercial conditions, but rather designed as a wellness therapy for your spirit. The Classic Collection expresses the new concept of radical chic luxury: precious and natural essences with a great personality, an expression of the oldest and most selective perfumery. Wonderful if worn individually, each with its authentic and genuine mood, sublime when mixed together, just like scents carried by the wind. The Titani Collection tells of the origins of the world and the profound forces that determine nature and its rules. The Titans, primordial creatures of the cosmos, raged before the regulatory intervention of Zeus and the Olympic Gods: today their strength reverberates in the refinement of this collection, with its metallized bottle of great value and uniqueness, just like the precious jewelry box which contains it and enhances its beauty.


Feel free to select as many vials as you like, exploring the world of Dolce Vita Terenzi through its three most iconic brands.
Choose and create your own personal Discovery Kit, mixing all the brands without limit of choice or number.
The ultimate freedom for the most wonderful of discoveries! The wonder is waiting for you.
With a minimum order of 6 vials you will receive the exclusive Terenzi Boutique travel pouch.

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